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Sowing Clivia seeds is actually very simple. Firstly, the seeds must be removed from their casing. Care should be taken when doing this, as it is often the case that the seeds have already germinated in the hull and the germs break off very easily and the seed is then lost. once the seeds have been freed from the berry, they are still covered by a thin skin. This is also carefully removed.

Then place the seeds halfway into the planting substrate and wait for them to germinate.


cliviasamenIf you proceed in this way, failure is not unlikely. It is better to prepare the seeds accordingly. Firstly, you should have a germ-free substrate available. There are different opinions as to which is the best substrate. Some use a mixture of coco humus, perlite and growing medium, others add charcoal. Everyone should provide what they consider to be the best substrate.





The seeds are very susceptible to fungi. Fungicides are often used. This is probably unavoidable for extensive sowing. This prevents the seeds from infecting each other. It also makes sense for valuable seeds from large breeders. As a hobby breeder, you can also solve the problem simply by washing the seeds thoroughly with washing-up liquid. You can keep an eye on the seeds and react immediately if necessary.





In any case, it is important that the substrate is permeable and waterlogging is avoided. The planters should have holes in the bottom and be placed at a temperature of approx. 25°C. It is necessary to cover the planter with a transparent plastic cover or foil to provide the seedlings with light (no direct sunlight) but to prevent fruit flies and other pests from gaining access. Indoor greenhouses are very advantageous as they can be heated and the cover prevents pests from gaining access.



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